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A Message From Our Principal

Dear Parents and Prospective Students,

    I hope that you are taking the time to learn as much as you can about middle schools as you prepare to decide where your child will spend the next three years. Middle school is a crucial time, and you only have one opportunity to attend an academically rigorous program, where your son or daughter will be challenged; A place where they will be prepared for high school, college, and to become a productive member of our society.

    When I was about their age my family moved to Chinatown from Hong Kong. We did not have the luxury of visiting many schools, and all the terrific programs available to kids in New York City. However, I was lucky enough to wind-up at MS 131, the school where I am now principal. I am proud of the journey that I have made, up through MS 131, to college, graduate school, as a math teacher at the NYC Lab School, then as supervisor of math coaches, and finally as principal of MS 131.

    As a child, there were aspects of MS 131 that I loved. These rich traditions I have tried to hold onto. And there were things about the school that I thought could be better. As principal, working with a terrific staff, I have tried to improve and accomplish those things.

    When I walk into classrooms at MS 131, I see kids who are engaged, and challenged by the rigorous work that their teachers ask them to do. I watch movies that the kids produce on their laptops, I see trophies from victories at the Chess Nationals, I enjoy the violin and dance performances from arts week, I see a community of learners who support each other, and I see us growing into one of the finest middle schools in the city.

Phyllis Tam