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Regents Classes

In 8th Grade Students are invited to take 3 regents classes.

Integrated Algebra  

Students who are taking Integrated Algebra Regents class will fulfill one of their math requirements to graduate high school if they pass the regents exam in June.  Algebra provides tools and ways of thinking that are necessary for solving problems in a variety of disciplines, such as science, business, social sciences, fine arts and technology.  Throughout this course, students will also be introduced to the mathematical language of Algebra.  Using their prior and present knowledge, students will be expected to solve situations using not only numbers but also variables.  They will learn many uses of algebra related to the real world that surrounds as well as trying to make connections with the material and real life situations.  The class will be a positive learning experience as, I will try to juggle swords, sharpen pencils, recite funny jokes and assign homework on the weekends.

Earth Science Regents

Earth science is the scientific study of the Earth. In this class, students will study topics ranging from the origin of the universe to the human impact on Earth’s climate. The branches of Earth Science include Astronomy, Oceanography, Meteorology, and Geology. During the school year, students will begin to think about earth in terms of systems, cycles, and continual processes. Earth Science is very broad and with topics like rocks and minerals, erosion and weathering, climate and weather. Everyone is sure to find something interesting along the way of study.

Living Environment Regents

MS 131 offers a chance for our 8th grade students to peruse high school science credits with our Living Environment Regents.  Students are given the opportunity to take the regents class after school for 4 days a week, Tuesday through Friday.  Benefits of taking this class in this manner include a smaller class size which allows the students more support and guidance through the High School level curriculum.  Many students enter the class with a prior enjoyment of science and others leave the class with this perspective of science methods.  Prior students who have returned to visit us at MS 131 have been excited to inform us that they have met the regents requirement for the class and thus begin their High School career taking regents Chemistry, usually a 10th grade class.