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Science Department Mission Statement 

MS 131 science curriculum offers a wide array of investigation intensive units involving the disciplines of physics, chemistry and biology.  The science department maintains a focus on critical thinking skills while encouraging students to draw their conclusions based on their own experimentation and data collection.  This effort culminates in the 8th grade science exit project where students are challenged to create, implement and present an experiment of their own design.  Throughout these experiments students are learning essential science skills such as the use of appropriate tools for measurement and observation that will be crucial as they continue through their education.  Students are also presented with many opportunities during each unit to draw their own conclusions from present published research through article analysis and reflective writing on a variety of current science topics.  It is a universal goal of the department to present science as an important aspect of society that is both relative and interesting to the individual students we teach.

Curriculum Overview: 

6th Grade:

Unit 1: Launcher unit: Book Support Challenge

Unit 2: Weather

Unit 4: Diversity of life and Interdependence

Unit 5: Simple machines


7th Grade:

Unit 1: Earth Structure Unit  

Unit 2: Human Body System       

Unit 3: Chemistry Matter Unit   

Unit 4: Why are plants important?


8th Grade:

Unit 1: Force & Motion

Unit 2: Season

Unit 3: Reproduction & Development

Unit 4: Genetic