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After School @ MS131

Rock 'n’ Roll Electric Bass Club

Tuesdays – Ms. Potoroka, Rm 421D

Do you have a favorite band, singer or song? Do you dream of performing on stage with lights flashing while excited fans scream your name? Well, this could be the first step in making that rock star fantasy come true someday! Please join our club if you have an interest in learning how to play the *super cool* electric bass. The bass player is a very important partner to the drummer because the two of you form the rhythm section of the band. Together you are the heartbeat of the song and everyone claps their hands to your beat! In addition to learning to play the electric bass, you will also learn how to properly take care of the instrument and other music equipment and accessories. You will also learn how to read simple music and even write your own song! Please join us if you are willing to work hard, cooperate, be polite and speak English with your bandmates. TOGETHER, LET’s KEEP ROCK’N’ROLL ALIVE!

Arts Club

Tuesdays – Ms. Rho, Rm 311

Art Club is a chance for students to make arts and crafts that are not part of the regular art curriculum. Students will have a chance to work with clay, papier-mâché, paint and textile.  They will get to bring their projects home.

Track Club

Fridays – Ms. Rivera

Come get yourself into good shape running on track once a week.  Lightweight training will also be taught.  NO experience needed!

Computer Resource Room

Tuesdays 2:40pm - 3:15pm – Mr. Alex Pérez, Rm 411
Come use our newest APPLE computers equipped lab to research for your homework and all student printing purposes. 

Korean Culture Club

Wednesdays – Ms. Kim, Rm 329

Do you listen to K Pop?  Watch Korean dramas?  If you answered “yes” to these questions, then the Korean Culture Club is the place for you.   You can learn more about Korean culture as we practice speaking and writing Korean language, trying some Korean food and visit K-Town in Manhattan.  There will also be a focus on Korean history, specifically between North and South Korea.

Morning News Club

Wednesdays 2:40pm - 3:45pm – Mr. Gansa and Mr. Alex Pérez, Rm 411

Students will collaborate together and share responsibilities in writing, editing and publishing steps to create content for our online news broadcast to our school's website. Topics will range from schools news to reviews of music and movies. Students will be working together on google docs as shared documents while the teacher will facilitate and guide students on the processes of creating web content.

Auditioning and Performing

Wednesdays – Ms. Murphy, Rm 425

Attention all performers. Would you like to be prepared for your high school auditions for Drama and Dance schools? We will work on all elements of auditioning so you can present the best possible YOU to high schools. Do you like acting and singing? In this afterschool program we will practice monologues, scenes, and prepare to perform in the Respect For All assemblies and Culture Week. This is open to all grades, but a portion of time will be given to all auditioning 8th graders.

Kara-Te Martial Arts Class

Fridays – Master K. L. Ong, Rm 106

Class will be with many different exercises, which include stretching, conditioning and relaxation. Students will learn different punching, blocking, kicking and other movements and techniques of the Kara-Te martial arts. There will be “Sets of Forms” know as “Kata” that will be taught.  Students will be promoted and advanced when [s]he can do them correctly. Students will be taught and reminded the martial arts’ “Code of Conduct, Morales and Respect” at each class.  This will help to develop the student to be a better person and refrain from violence.

Chess Club

Tuesdays – Ms. Obernauer and Mr. Lapshun,  Rm 312

Chess Club gives students an opportunity to play chess and learn new strategies in a friendly environment.  Chess Club also offers club tournaments, trophies and prizes.

This club is free.

Oral Conversation Club

Tuesdays/Wednesdays - Ms. Pantazatos, Rm 321A

This club is especially designed for our ESL/bilingual students who want to practice in conversational speaking.  This is a great opportunity to learn how to speak in different situations, both formal and social. 

 This club is free.

Explore Chinatown History Club

Tuesdays and Thursdays, Ms. Ling and Ms. Wong, Rm 304C

The club’s essential question is “How did the Chinese influence American culture?”  Students analyze Chinatown’s history and compare and contrast its culture to other cultures. Students also learn about famous Chinese Americans and their contributions to American society. The teachers help the students with their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, while at the same time, learn the history of the Chinese in America and the history of New York City’s Chinatown and other communities that surround the area to increase their awareness of the diverse cultures in America.

This club is free

Sports Program

A number of sports (both team and non team competitions) will be offered to students in the fall and spring seasons.  These sports activities are free for all students.  However, additional fee may be collected for uniforms, materials, trophies and/or celebrations.

Fall Season

Team Competition

Boys’ Flag Football – Wednesdays and Fridays (until Decemeber)

Girls’ Volleyball – Wednesdays

** Students will be required for tryouts.

Non-Team Competition

Badminton – Wednesdays 

Spring Season

Team Competition

Boys’ Basketball